Vibex PLUMIER V  Power Block with 5 outputs

The Lumier V is the culmination of over 15 years of investigation into power products and energy control. Although the Plumier V is our most economical product, we in no way have designed a cheap product. 
From the outset we wanted the Plumier V to be worthy of the Vibex name and this has proved to be more difficult than expected.  Obviously we have had to use more economical materials, but the combination 
of materials used had to assure that the sound quality was up to our exacting  standards. By combining Krion, tropical wood and new high tech elastomers,  we have been able to obtain a level of quality far superior to our expectations. 
The result is a beautifully natural and organic sound, which we are sure you will be captivated by. Enjoy!


Input: IEC 320 Oyaide rhodium plated silver

5 x Schuko outputs

Maximum Power Consumption: 10A. @ 230V.

Available with U.S. and 13A. B.S. sockets.

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